dLAN® 1000 mini Starter Kit Product Packaging

Small in size. Big on streaming and surfing.

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dLAN® 1000 mini

  • Small adapter, big impact: stream films and music or just surf the net with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.
  • One LAN connection for smart TVs, PCs or printers.
  • Strong connection even over long distances with devolo range+ Technology.
  • Plug & Play: the perfect network instantly, compatible with all routers and dLAN® Powerline adapters.
  • Innovations developed in Germany, more than 300 awards and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

dLAN® 1000 mini

Nobody these days can imagine being without the many possibilities of the digital world. And we always want something more: a more powerful PC, a faster smart TV. So if you‘re looking for something that will give you all the fun that the Internet has to offer, then the dLAN® 1000 mini is exactly what you need. This compact, discreet adapter turns your power line into a strong and stable Powerline connection delivering up to 1000 Mbps. Watch films with fast download times and no buffering or breaks. Stream music in superb quality and with zero interruptions. And enjoy fast and reliable data transfers for your home office. With the dLAN® 1000 mini, you can do it all with ease. Simply connect your device using a LAN cable and you‘ve got the perfect network, wherever you need it. And there‘s more: the devolo range+ Technology ensures that your strong connection is available even over long distances in your home.

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  • A really good connection. The dLAN® 1000 mini turns your power lines into a strong and stable Powerline connection, delivering up to 1000 Mbps. Stream films, surf the net or print with ease.
  • Compact and powerful. Small adapters that pack a punch. With a LAN connection for your smart TV, PC or your printer.
  • Effective. A huge benefit: devolo range+ Technology delivers a strong connection, even over long distances.
  • Simple and compatible. Plug & Play: gives you the perfect network instantly and is compatible with all routers and dLAN® Powerline adapters.
  • Successful. Why is devolo your best choice? Innovation developed in Germany, more than 300 awards and seals of quality, a full three-year guarantee and most importantly: millions of satisfied customers.
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